Sunday, May 29, 2005

One more time: Arabs prove that they are genetically capable of stuffing a ballot box (albeit in very small numbers). Western world impressed. Wake up the children, and tell the neighbors. Today, US, UN and Eu extended their congratulations to the Lebanese government for their lousy election. The turnout, it turns out, was even less than was previously reported. It was less than 27%. Lower than 2000 and 1996. Furthermore, the European election observers issued a glowing report about the first round of the election but mentioned in passing that there were cases of voters' intimidation. When asked by Lebanese reporters about those cases, the observers refused to identify them. They are still in mourning over Hariri's death, after all and don't want to upset Sa`d Hariri. I never agree with Gen. Michel `Awn on anything, but I will agree with him on one thing he said yesterday. The mourning for Hariri is now officially OVER. Stop it, NOW. Enough tears and songs already. I can't take it anymore. `Awn is also right to criticize the role of "Petro-dollars" in the election, although he would have loved to received some of it, but when it did not come his way he voiced objections. Also, apparently, the US ambassador did not only go to one polling station yesterday. He hopped from one polling station to the other. There are a lot of criticisms of that in the Lebanese press. Even the Hariri lackey, deputy Basim As-Sab`, issued a strong criticism. Has anybody read Robert Fisk in the Independent (I have not)? Is he celebrating Hariri's victory?