Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Lebanese singer is most disgusting and deserves full boycott

"Lebanese-Canadian gay rights advocates in Ottawa and Montreal have succeeded in preventing a visiting Lebanese singer from performing songs they consider homophobic and misogynistic.  The singer, Mohamed Eskandar, is scheduled to perform in Ottawa on Sunday at the El Mazaj Restaurant, a 270-seat venue on Canotek Road. He will also perform in Montreal the night before.  When the flyer for the Ottawa show was noticed by an Ottawa member of HELEM, a Lebanese-Canadian LGBTQ advocacy group, he immediately informed the group's headquarters in Montreal.  Eskandar's lyrics and videos are familiar to the group.  One of the artist's songs, Dod el Enef, is translated from the Arabic as Against Violence. HELEM says the song's title is intended ironically as a way to mock the slogan used by LGBTQ advocates in Lebanon.  An English translation of the lyrics, provided by HELEM, but independently confirmed by the Citizen, includes:
"Without jealousy and real masculinity, women are in trouble. Ever since the military service stopped, half of men became plagued by the disease of femininity.
"If my dad and yours weren't straight, we would not have existed and humans would have become extinct. 
"Don't be tender with your boy and don't treat him like a flower. When he makes a mistake, violence is a must. Let him become strong, violent and macho, otherwise he will only be a 50-per-cent man."
The group was also outraged by another Eskandar song and video that depict the evils that allegedly come from having women in the workforce." (thanks Shawn)